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A brief article for those who get stuck at some point in the mod :)

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Reading the descriptions of items can be helpful!

Checking mementos and notes is essential (hit 'J' key)!

Greirat's quest:

  • Loretta can be found somewhere in the Secluded Hideout;
  • Shelf in Siegward's room is movable;
  • Greirat will unlock a room in hub area once Loretta is found;

Finding the lever:

  • After completing Greirat's quest, you should be able to trade with him;
  • Explore all the areas available and look for glowing orbs (those are key-items);

Draining the well (patience required):

  • West Wing has a balcony where two dead knights are sitting on the edge;
  • "Ire of Manus" must be in inventory for player to be teleported correctly from balcony's platform;

Beating the Abyss:

  • Hollow Totem is a little glowing pedestal with an orb that controls the enemies;
  • A dark sorcery can be found in West Wing;

Two Worlds:

  • You must go through all the worlds in order to obtain the power to unseal the last gate;
  • A Hollow Totem can be located in one of the worlds (optional);
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