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battleMETAL is built on the Darkplaces Quake sourceport, and is coded entirely in Quake's game code language of QuakeC. This article is a reference article to link to the Quake modding resources that will assist in modding battleMETAL.

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The following are a list of helpful links and current engines for modding Quake today. The links were invaluable to me as I developed battleMETAL and they will certainly help you when digging into the code for battleMETAL.

Quake Mapping discord

Darkplaces Engine discord

QuakeC tutorials on ModDB.

these are the most popular forks of the Quake 1 engine

(Most modding of Quake engines is for Quake 1 and using these forks)

FTE Quake World


Darkplaces Engine moddb

Specific Files in Darkplaces source:

both of these files have documentation in them that mostly describes how to use the Darkplaces engine extensions.

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