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Update: 11/17/2020. Version 1.32.1. This modpack works best for GOG verions 1.15. (support mods) Please report to me, if anything wrong.

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Also included inside mod file.

***Torchlight Ultimate v1.40 (by Unregret)***

I. How to install:
1. Pak.zip:
- Go to your Torchlight 1 game directory, back up Pak.zip.
- Then extract and replace the Pak.zip you downloaded.

2. Torchlight Ultimate.rar:
- Go to %appdata%/Roaming/runic games/torchlight
- Remove all massfiles, game saves and files inside /mods
- Then extract this rar to /mods
- Start game and enjoy.

3. Before you re-enter the game, and load game after quit:
- It requires to load all files again due to game engine and large resources.
- Go to %appdata%/Roaming/runic games/torchlight/mods, copy/paste shortcut "remove_binary" to desktop or where your Torhclight.exe shortcut is.
- Everytime start the game, remember to start "remove_binary" first. This step is mandatory, depends on your HDD/SDD drives.

***Known bug***
- Takes long-time for game engine to load pack first time. Just wait, don't panic
- Takes long time to load for some classes, and all you see is black screen showing only mouse. Just Alt+Tab twice.

II. How to uninstall:
- Just revert all steps above, and restore Pak.zip back.

Please I have help request to improve the pack if someone interest. Read summary tab.

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