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This is the explanation on what all of the tabs, buttons and other stuff does.

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If you're wondering, what to put in the mods folder, the directory of the folder containing all of the mods you wish to install. If you don't want to manually put in a directory just simply click the browse button UNDER the input box. With the game directory, put the root directory (the directory with the exe) of the game there. If you manually put a directory in press REFRESH and the mods will appear in the list below.

Mods Tab

If you're happy with the mods (If there are a lot of folders showing please don't freak out, its just listing all of the folders inside of the mods) click install and when the progress bar reaches the end.... ITS DONE!

Other Tab(s)

So far there is only 1 other tab that is WIP. It is useless so far but will be implemented more in-depthly.

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