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If you want to mod ASOD, you NEED the source code. This tutorial presents ways to get the latest snapshot, or the released version.

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What should I Know?
Before you download the latest release of ASOD and plan to mod it, you might want to know Java. At the least you need to know some programming language. You also need to know how to compile a program in Java.

Option 1: ASOD Development Page (http://asod,dev.java.net)
The ASOD development page has the latest snapshot of the code. It may or may not be an improvement over the one from ModDB.

To get it from the server, go to...
-> Documents and File
-> The asod jar file. You can't miss it.

Ignore anything the website says, the ModDB one is the accurate one.

You can also get the code from SVN if you are on the development team. To join the team, send me a message.

Option 2: ModDB
The version on ModDB will be the release version. It is stable and was good enough to be sent out. You can get that by going to the Among Seas Of Dust page, then to Downloads. Select the applicable version. The JAR file should have the source packaged inside.

Option 3: Windows Live Skydrive
Added as a backup download site, this has the latest snapshot of the code. To access my skydrive account, you need to go to:


For an IDE, I reccomend using Netbeans. For SVN I highly reccomend RapidSVN.

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