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Here is a basic guide on how to play Poke Kanto Gen.I'm going to assume you've downloaded and are at the starting screen!It should look very much like this:

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PKG Start Screen

At this screen, you'll find a few options:

which Trainer 1

choose which Trainer you want to play and it will take you here

Pallet Town


Before play Decide to use the keyboard or XBOX controller

Jump--- spacebar

move--- arrow keys

Enter--- brings up the menu

Menu   Bag

Z--- is okay/ yes/ continue

X--- is no/ cancel

TAB--- releases pokemon/ returns pokemon

release pkmn

return pkmn

Backspace--- catching Mode

(when in catching mode press (Z) to throw pokeball once in range)

encounter pokemon

Use mouse to navigate through (Bag Menu)

Battle Mode:

Stamina is the yellow bar

Green is the health bar

Blue is the EXP bar

Your Pokemon has full movement and can also jump, swim and possibly fly or float

Your pokemon durring battle also has its own personal menu system too by pressing (Enter) or (Start)


how do i connect(invite/join)with friends in server?

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