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Game naming can be probably one of the most troubling part of designing a game. Failure in naming can cause a lot of problems with title recognition and memoring, what can lower the game income. So what is important? How to pick the perfect name?

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Be recognizable

First of all make a list of words, that are highly connected to your game. They have to be accurate as much as possible. Try to connect them with the game story, gameplay, artstyle and whatever you like and seems to be important for you. Along with the word, mark it’s connections. If a lot of game elements are connected to one of the words, the more these words will be useful in your future name.

Be searchable

Until you get started with setting a final name, you have to test a lot of things.

First of all - naming is different for online/mobile games and for single player PC/console games.
Because especially in mobile gaming names have the biggest role in advertising your game. Google Play Store for example have a function, that allows to search games by their descriptions, but Apple Store search looks only at name and small subtitle about it’s genre. So for this kind of games name can’t be to much complicated, because words used in it will be as well your keywords for searching it. From the other hand, you can’t used overused words. There is a lot of “heroes”, “craft”, “magic” games. It could be hard to be on the top with them. Of course you can help yourself by adding your name a subtitle. For example just Magic is too weak, but “Magic: The Gathering” makes a great searchable name.

No matter what kind of game you’re making, first of all you must to check out what hides behind the name you want to give to your game. Search it in Google and on other search engines. If there is other game, company or brand with the same or similar name - you don’t want to use it! It will be a competition for you, that you don’t want to have.

The last and quite important thing - translation.
Try to translate your name from as many languages as possible to avoid problematic meanings. You can never be sure, that your “new word” that you made for game name purposes doesn’t have a meaning somewhere, that can hurt your company reputation.
Second very important thing about translations are different spellings for the same words in different countries. You can say it the same, it means the same, but spelling is different, what can cause problems for players to search it easily. Probably it even can be impossible for them, to find a correct combination.

Be unique

It could be hard to find something one of the kind, but if you do that, you’ll probably feel the difference.

To do that, you can use various tools allowing you to connect words in various ways. For example - business name generators could be usefull:
Or words combiners:
Or even fake words generators:
Wordgenerator.netOf course, if you make a single player or PC/console game, you can make up some completely new words connected to your game, but if you’re making a mobile/multiplayer game - keep it simple and to avoid using words like “and”, “of” etc. try to use adjectives and as I said before - subtitles can be a good choice as well.

You're not alone

Remember, you can always ask someone to give you a feedback about your game name. Just show him your game a little and give him a couple of examples for name. If they feel connected for him, it’s perfectly good. If they feels odd - keep trying.

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