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If you have even served the role as a Dungeon Master in DnD, you will be very comfortable as a Game Master in Baneforge - you will be doing the same things! Here is some info to get you started...

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In order to play Baneforge, you need to choose to be either a Hero (client) or Game Master (host). Both pieces are critical for gameplay, and only the Host can be in a scenario by themselves. There can only be a single Game Master per game, but up to (7) heroes. Here is some general information to get you acquainted with the strange and awesome inner workings of the RPG scenario system that we call Baneforge:

The Facts (you need to know)
-Baneforge has no lobby - players join in on the fly!
-You may save campaigns in the ESC menu and return to them at a later date
-You can create maps in the Map Editor and start new campaigns with them (instead of always playing the default campaign included with the game)
-The Game Master can spawn all of the items, units, and even spell effects onto the game board at any time. These are specced out in the Asset Editor and a default collection is shipped with the game.

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