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Post tutorial RSS A Newbie's Guide to Prospekt

This tutorial will guide you throught basics of Prospekt Source engine and will teach you how to create, edit and release your own game.

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To begin with,I recommend you get these programs first:

Chapter One: Getting Prospekt to Work

OPTIONAL: If you do not have WinRAR, download and install it.
First, open up the Runtime Libraries Installer.
Install it and wait for it to finish installing.
After that, open your Prospekt Source archive and extract it.

Go to the /server folder and run "Server.exe".
Then, go to the /client folder and run "Prospekt.exe".
Click the "Register" button and fill up the fields.
Do the same when making a new character.

Once you've done that,you will automatically get on the game.

Here are some controls before we move to the next chapter:

  • Move - Arrow Keys/WSAD
  • Attack/Interact - CTRL
  • Pickup Items - SPACEBAR
  • Open chat - ENTER
  • Hotkeys - 1-9

Chapter Two - The User Interface

When you login,you will see six buttons to your bottom-right.

The INVENTORY/INV button opens your inventory.
The SKILLS button opens your skills interface.
The CHARACTER/CHAR button opens your character information interface.
The OPTIONS/OPT button opens up the game options interface.
The TRADE button sends a trade invitation to the targeted player.
The PARTY button opens the party interface.

You will see the health,spirit and experience bars on the upper-left hand of the screen.
At the lower-left hand of the screen,you will see your chatbox,you may chat there and see trade and party invitations.
At the upper-right you will see the hotkeys. You may drag items and skills there,and you may press 1-9 to fasten the use of the skill/item.

Chapter Three - A Developer is YOU!

Before you get on any coding, let me introduce you to the "DevSuite.exe".
But you need to be an administrator to access this.

So,is that a problem?
Well,not really!
If you host the server,you could be an administrator in no time!

First, you must login to "client.exe" with your account.
Then, in "server.exe", type command "/setacces yourname 5" and voila, you are admin from now.
Don't mess up,though. "/kick" will kick you out of the game.
And some several features like "/ban" will crash your game.

When you are administrator already,you will find yourself with a YELLOW name.
But no matter,now you can login to the "DevSuite.exe".

There,you will find lots of editors like the MAP,ITEM,RESOURCE and the NPC editor.

The MAP EDITOR can edit the map.
The ITEM EDITOR can edit,make and delete items.
The NPC EDITOR can edit the non-player characters.
The SHOP EDITOR can edit and make shops.
The RESOURCE EDITOR can make resources such as trees and mines.
The SPELL EDITOR can edit spells/skills.
The ANIMATION EDITOR can manage animations.
The EFFECT EDITOR can edit effects and particles.
The EVENT EDITOR can manage events.

Chapter Four - The Custom Feature Developer

That's not the half of what you can make!
That's just more like a one of a hundred!

The Prospekt developer, Thomas made Prospekt using Visual Basic 6.0.
That means, you can edit with it too!
Unfortunately, we won't do everything for you!
We have our own games after all.
But if you want,you could grab a copy of Visual Basic 6.0 (Enterprise/Professional Edition) so you can make your own custom features!

Just double-click "client.vbp", "server.vbp" or "devsuite.vbp".
That way,you could add guild systems, quest systems or any other feature you could think (and able to programm) off!

Chapter Five - Making A Custom World

This chapter will then teach you how to edit and design your GUI/graphics.
Go to the CLIENT folder and double-click the DATA FILES folder.
Then,open the GRAPHICS folder.

Let's stop here first,as I will give you a tour around the GRAPHICS folder.

The ANIMATIONS folder contains your animations.
The CHARACTERS folder contains your character/NPC sprites.
The FACES folder contains your character/NPC faces.
The EVENTS folder contains graphics for events.
The GUI folder contains your game GUI.
The ITEMS folder contains your item pictures.
The PAPERDOLLS folder contains your paperdolls.
The RESOURCES folder contains your resource sprites.
The SPELLICONS folder contains your spell icons.
The TILESETS folder contains the pictures for the map.
The PARTICLES folder contains textures used for particles.
The BARS .png file contains the smaller health and mana bars.
The BLOOD .png file contains the picture of blood that appears in combat.
The DIRECTIONS .png file contains your directional blocking editor's arrows.
The MISC .png file contains a picture that is used in one of the editors,but don't delete it.
The TARGET .png file contains your target picture.
The WEATHER .png file contains graphics used for weather system.

(NOTE:You also need to give graphics in the folders a number as a name,the first file must be 1,the second must be 2,and so on.)

Now let's move to the MUSIC and SOUND folders.
They are also located in the DATA FILES folder.

The MUSIC folder contains your game music.
The SOUND folder contains your game sounds.

You can edit or place any graphics,sounds or music by placing them in the correct folder.
This way,you can make a game with your own custom graphics,music and sounds!

Chapter Six - To Release To Public

There are two major options that the community uses to host their games.
One is No-IP and the second is LogMeIn Hamachi.
I recommend No-IP, but you will need to portforward.
If you cannot portforward, I recommend that you use LogMeIn Hamachi.
To portforward, you may use this website Portforward.com.

After that,just follow a few guides to using No-IP,and you're off to the public world!

Epilogue - Releasing The Client

Before releasing the client,remember to change "config.ini" in your CLIENT's DATA FILES folder.
You may also want to change some things in "options.ini" in your SERVER's DATA folder.

After that,don't include "client.vbp", "client.vbw", DevSuite files and the SRC folder in the player's copy to make sure nobody will edit the codes in the game clients of other players.Changes of the files in the DATA FILES folder is their loss, for they cannot change anything in the server as long as they are not administrators.

Credits to Apple Bloom for writing most of this.

Good luck with your games!

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