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The price of consumer VR is...

Poll started by INtense! with 91 votes and 4 comments. Browse the poll archive.


(10 votes)Way too much, it will hurt user adoption & growth


(64 votes)Expensive but understandable, this is new technology


(17 votes)Good value, I will be an early adopter

INtense! Creator

Really looking forward to the consumer release and I feel the cost is reasonable given the R&D to get to this point. But with so many game developers and others betting big on VR, I wonder if the adoption rate will support them? I hope so, as I do firmly believe we will reach a point where VR is a household product, but I believe it is a few iterations away.

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I think the price is understandable. I mean, this isn't new. Back in the old days of 1980s a 'average' computer game could cost as much as whooping $60 IIRC. So yeah, I think the market is alright as of now.

- Reborn:X

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The price is fair to me me given how it is an emerging technology, but I believe an issue is not enough people will adopt it currently due to the price. Currently some VR developers (Oculus for example) have said that they won't be releasing their successor for a few years at least, so in the meantime I think it will only be purchased by developers and gamers who are really keen and can't wait. Given it's high price tag I anticipate a lot of gamers will wait until they've ironed out problems, the price has come down at least a bit, and VR as a platform has become more serious. It's a lot of money to ask for a device in it's infancy and also one that you know could be very different in 2 years time, then you need to fork out the cash again.

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Pre-ordered Rift, can't wait to try it out, like all new tech it comes with a price. Been saving for the last 12 months, new PC built, i7 paired with R9 390. Ready to get my VR on.

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