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A quick update about the new dash charge move I added

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I've known that there was something missing with ZOE for a good while now, and I wasn't really trying to figure out what it was because I just had no clue where to start. In hindsight, it's really obvious it was this dash charge move.

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Previously, the player would just be invincible while dashing or pounding and would move past enemies without any contact. For whatever reason, I just decided to try out a collision and hit pause on the dash this week, and it totally transforms the feel of moving about the level - there's more purpose to the dash and pound, large groups of enemies become fun to take out (they were just a bit boring to sit and shoot at before), the lines of enemies offer a nice mini challenge to try and line up and destroy, and it all feels nice and chunky.

I've tweaked some of the energy consumption variables so you're not discouraged from using it - the dash itself now consumes much less energy so you can move about without much concern, but when you collide with an enemy it depletes a bit more.

There'll be a new demo soon with all this stuff, coming to ZOE's Steam page :)


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