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After more than two years of hard work... Zeno Clash is finally released. The game is playable now at Steam.

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The game is finally out! You can go play it NOW!

Not much more to say rather than hope that everyone enjoys the game and has fun. Making Zeno Clash has been a great adventure for us and we all had a lot of fun and excitement during the development process. We are anxious to see the gaming community's and to start planning future ambitious and innovative projects.


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DJ-Ready - - 456 comments

Yay!... I wish I wasn't broke right now -.-

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Sk!n-E - - 235 comments

Lol thats gotta suck....

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ToxicFruit - - 14 comments

cant wait to get home and play it !

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PytoX - - 742 comments

Yay! Decrypting files ftw =)

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q0rra - - 127 comments

Yay! I wish Steam liked my credit card. So that i could actually play the game... now... I WON'T BE ABLE TO PLAY IT!

Going to the corner to cry, brb.


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myd - - 11 comments

Steam accepts Paypal too. No need to cry!
It's also on Direct2Drive (but not released at the moment - it says 21st on the site).

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Nozzy - - 111 comments

Holy crap, I've never had this much fun with a source engine game. This is amazing. xD

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Knights - - 164 comments

Is this any good? Need more reviewers.

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sutsko - - 293 comments

Played it a few hours.. Proberly not far from the end, and I can tell you.. The melee is nice and give you a goo feeback (feels like you punch them hard) and the graphics are.. Stunning!

The price is so small that you can't afford NOT to buy it..

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criverbulldog - - 11 comments

I've played for a little over an hour, and I'm loving it. I don't know how long it'll take to get through the game, but I can already recommend it to most everybody. It's unique in a number of ways that really set it apart from other games, and it's a totally polished and professional looking brawler on top of that.

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vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

I second to that.

The game is really polished, and has a lot replayable value. A must go. And is just that beautiful.

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bomblol - - 297 comments

Yay! I waited all day to play it, and now that I'm home I can finally get on it. this is the most excited for a game i've been in ages

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wav - - 69 comments

This game should be the best indie game of the year. Great art. Amazing gameplay. $20.00? Should be $50.00

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Soundpath - - 113 comments

wow 18 chapters, Nice! I just finished the first chapter and it was a lot of fun. love the creatures, especially those rat-bird things.

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

I'm on the last level, but I can't beat it. :D

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

And I beat it! On hard ! :D

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Killer_man_1996 - - 511 comments

O RLY???

Hehe.. i don't have the minimum system requirements and money.... :(

Viva Chile!!!

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments


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Skamberin - - 22 comments

I really enjoyed it, the combat was real fun and addicting. I plan on having a lot of fun with the challenge mode. going to play through it again on hard soon :) Great job guys, really inspirational!

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boredgamer - - 15 comments

Now I wonder if a SDK should be made for this. It would be really interesting to see some first-person brawler mods.

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smallville - - 42 comments

yay downloading now

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HSovieticus - - 7 comments

Played the whole thing in one day.
Very good, its now one of my favourite video games.

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robotbrain - - 30 comments

Awesome game! The art style is just something really special as well as the game play. I have no problem with it being "short" since its quality definitely makes up for that. I played it through in one sitting haha quite glad that i did even though I will be exhausted at work tomorrow. I kinda felt like I was playing a 3d version of one of my high school sketchbooks.. of course its better than my art. but none the less.. Great art, gameplay, and story. Better yet I hope there is a sequel planned.

I just can't help but want to play it in an open environment more like an RPG.. i think people will hate me for that comment.. but.. eh! I'd like to be able to interact with such great looking characters etc.. and explore the environment more.. quests and so forth.. nothing wrong with that.. wanting to do those things..

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sutsko - - 293 comments

Yea, me too! I was kinda dissapoited that there wasen't more interactions with unimportant NPC's..

Like the bar scene though.. A little more of that would be nice..

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SAHChandler - - 119 comments

I purposefully waited for it to hit full price before I purchased this game because it looks like it deserves every penny.

And nothing less.

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LordLOC - - 14 comments

I must admit, I am honestly shocked at how good this game looks considering the age of the Source engine at this point. The art style is superb and the melee fighting is insanely good. The only bad bits I've had at all were the shooting parts, only because I wanted to do more melee!

Terrific game all around so far. I just wish there was some sort of MP mode, even if it was basic DM or something. But the Tower mode will do nicely for the time being.

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dave_5430 - - 2,114 comments

F-beep- that, I ain't using no paypal just 'Cause steam's bein' a gigantic -boop- (along with valve).

I'll just have to steal a retail copy, haw!

... if only.

Oh well I guess I'll just have to get paypal.

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sauerfreak - - 243 comments

Heeeeeeeelll YES. It's time for AceTeam's fruit of labor to pay off! And for us to pay up. :B

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Daystranger - - 327 comments

I was a little skeptical.
But yesterday I've played this game at my friend's house.

What I can say?

Its BEST visuals on Source engine so far. Awesome shadows, good looking maps and original design.

Combat animations are great while cutscenes could use some additional work.(For example the first ingame cutscene when hero runs away from bodies of his "family"(?). His legs while running look weird and non synced to the whole scene.)

Voice acting is pretty good, but bosses lacking different replies and stuff and constantly spamming you same words over and over "I'm gunna shoot you", etc.

Music is top notch. Combat themes are great and epic. Just as needed.

I give it a A with a minus. Taking into account that this is indie game its awesome, but I wont forgive minor annoyances and\or defects when it comes to score since you're selling your game.

Score : A-
Stands for : Awesome, but could be a little better. Maybe patches will fix some stuff.

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Ibasc - - 4 comments

I agree with Daystranger comment above.
Great game, art, history and music, but some minor things must be reviewed like he posted in future patches/fixes!

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Cool to see how exited people get about a game that no major studio would have developed, due to being "too original". I really digg that the community supports this originality and therefore makes it possible for indie-developers to survive.
I definately didn't expect this hype for the game, when I first read about it. A taxing and comparably short game is a mod-formula and I'm glad it works well for Zeno.

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JackMenhorn - - 13 comments

Who's bright idea was it to have a boss fight where the screen is constantly getting blurred? And then you have another fight with no save point between them! Brilliant!

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DOLBYdigital - - 623 comments

Got it at full price (yay) and have played through a good hour or so. I would've easily payed twice the asking price for this quality game. The fighting mechanics are superbly done and incredibly fun. You really feel the thumps and banging around which I love. The story is nice although the presentation can be a little 'sloppy'. I mean the cut scenes can sometimes jump around a little bit but its just a small complaint that by no means hampers the experience. An amazing game with a great fighting system and innovative weapons ;)

I wonder if they plan to open this game up for more modding, I could see some sweet mini-mods coming out for this game that really expand on the sweet fighting mechanics ;)

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BHenderson - - 51 comments

I played through this game, and I think it's fantastic. You can tell they polished it thoroughly before release. Great work.

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PentaSTAR - - 132 comments

Great game, great work! I'm really impressed. I've got a suggestion about game modes. Maybe there should be a Duel Mode - You know - a tournament like a Mortal Combat or something like that.

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klichka - - 138 comments

I'm really impressed at the combat system, it feels so visceral and the art style is pretty good as well.

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Da_maniaC - - 78 comments

Compliments to the authors of the game!
I sincerely hope well known game studio's will look at this game an understand how this changes melee combat.
Seriously... i have played a lot of games but i had yet to come across one where melee combat looked as if you are actually hiting a target.
Great graphics too!

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