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Exploration, Puzzles, Combat, Story, Dungeons, and Crafting are the 6 gameplay pillars of XEL!

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Thanks to developer Tiny Roar, we are able to share another great Developer Blog with you.
This time, Tiny Roar is giving you an overview of the main pillars of our game XEL!

To give you a quick breakdown of what to expect from the video, the main pillars of XEL are:

  • Exploration
    The main pillar that connects all other pillars!
  • Puzzles
    Hint: Unique Puzzles on two dimensions, rather than commonly on one.
  • Combat
    Parrying? Yep, right from the start. But there is so much more!
  • Story
    Play in your preferred pace, learn more while exploring and from talking to NPCs.
  • Dungeons
    A monumental experience, big dungeons should challenge the player to use all the learnings while playing on the overworld.
  • Crafting
    Upgrade weapons, potions recipes and more to help the player, getting another edge for the tougher opponents in the game.

But now, enjoy the full Developer Blog on YouTube:

Thank you for your passion for our upcoming game XEL and watching our Developer Blogs!

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