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The first demo of Retroninjacyberassassin is available to download, right here, on IndieDB!

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Firstly, it's my birthday, secondly, in case you didn't notice: the first standalone demo of Retroninjacyberassassin is here! Doom2.wad no longer required 🤣 also runs on Delta touch as the only IWAD!

Screenshot 20201218 102022

So what else is new in v0.0.0.2? New level, with (simple) objectives and an explanation screen before the level starts!

Screenshot Doom 20201218 101441

New Item:


Sometimes appears in:


And may grant you temporary invincibility and deflect ninja stars 😉

Things I probably did not explain enough before:

Alternate melee attacks can be used (with the right mouse button if using the included .ini), melee attacks and weapons all have alternates; a kick for the cyberpunch, elbowing for the hashishin, and a devastating jab with the wrench:




A wrench can only be obtained from a janitor, as is true of the restroom key:



Screenshot Doom 20201216 132333

He'll also drop two large pizzas, so you may wanna get 'im!

Break things! When you need health, or if you get extra lucky perhaps a key that potentially averts combat! All sprite assets are destructible! (The TV will not give loot however)

Screenshot Doom 20201218 111435

Level 3 tips:

The first ninja(s) you encounter on level 3 before the restrooms are allies, do not kill them as they can be very helpful! (They cannot be killed on easier difficulties)

Screenshot Doom 20201218 111130

Kill the janitor on the top floor for the restroom key, then kill the guard in the restroom to get a key to a loot-filled shortcut!

Screenshot Doom 20201218 111649

Screenshot Doom 20201218 111724

I've noticed most Doom engine games include GZDoom, I, rather, used Zandronum 3.0. It's what I've used for almost all of my personal testing, including on Delta touch. You are welcome to use the IWAD with any other source port you wish, however I cannot guarantee there won't be error messages or unforeseen bugs. I strongly encourage mods and maps for this game! I would recommend using Slade 3 for editing, and perhaps GZDoom Builder if you're looking to edit the finer details of your map.

For even more info on this project please see the page for the Doom II mod.

Retroninjacyberassassin v0.0.0.2

For v0.0.0.3 I will have three new NPC types, 2 new levels, and one new enemy!

Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Discord: An00bus#4956

Email: nafets1218@gmail.com


Happy birthday dude, looking forward to the full release.

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An00bus Author

Thanks! I am too, I've got the first ten levels pretty much planned out, and a roadmap and most of the story for the overall game; I can't wait to share it with everyone!

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