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A first person, horror game with the power to push you to the edge of your seat.

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About Wounded
A wonderful autumn evening, while a lukewarm, lazy wind softly tickles the naked trees without leafs and the full Moon shines on the sky, sending light to our planet submerged in darkness, a family is having a wonderful dinner at their relatives. It is their first family dinner after a long time. Everyone is in a good mood with laughter, music and a few drinks more than needed. After such a great evening with many impressions and positive thoughts, the time for everyone to go home came. Everyone scatter and you start your 2 hour journey home with Lisa. On your way, after 15-20 minutes driving with a terrible headache, you decide to find a motel to spend the night in and finish the drive tomorrow. All of a sudden, your wonderful night with the whole family turns into your worst night ever.

Who would ever think that after such a great time, a disaster would happen?
Who would ever think that their family dinner might be their last gathering?

Suddenly, you open your eyes. On the beginning everything is a blur and after some time you realize you are still in the car and notice that is all smashed, the windshield is shattered. You immediately turn your head to the right only to see an empty seat and the door wide open.
You manage to get out of the car and realize that the place you thought it was, is long time abandoned.

This is where the real nightmare begins…


Download the demo, play it and share what you think of it. Any suggestions, advice and overall impressions and criticism are welcomed!

Visit our official web page for more info and contact.


''Suddenly, life is more than french fries, gravy and good family time.''

That's right you forgot the cheese mate.

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