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The progress of the mod at the 8th of January is pretty good !

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Hi guys !
So, I'm done with finals and I am ready to work on the final levels of the mod.

I changed my plans about some stuff, there will be less R'lyeh than I first thought but I am adding a new Otherworld to the mod, we'll see how it turns out.

Basically, what I have to do before I release this mod :

-Map the two last levels.
-Script the cistern, and 3 other levels.
-Write all the notes (holy moly).
-Add Mementos, objectives, examine areas.

Then I'll check if everything works fine, I'll do the final detailing and changes needed, and the mod will be released.

Thanks again for the support, 5 000 views on the page and more and more watchers ! Every single one of you guys puts a smile on my face, so thank you < 3 !


I don't get how you people can make this stuff so damn quick. I've been working on Lament since March of last year, and I'm barely over half-way finished with it. I demand of you, tell me your secrets!

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Well, the mod isn't that big and I got a lot of time for it xD.
Most maps aren't that huge to be honest. I mean, the mansion is very detailed but it is not immense, while R'lyeh is gigantic but doesn't have the same amount of detailing.

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daortir Author

No idea why I got logged out. Oops.

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Happens to me sometimes to just randomly

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