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Post news RSS Working on New Levels and better transitions.

This is basicly a rundown of how the games progress is coming. If enough people become interested i will try and do these at least twice a week.

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Here's a screen shot of what the new canyon level looks like. It does require some tweaking and textures but its getting there. And also i do aplogize, but considering i do not have unity pro (nor do i have enough money to buy it) the water will NOT improve. I do apologize but unless a magic money fairy can conjure 1500$ there will be no shaders.
I hope you enjoy this small look at the level. The Oasis itself will act more as a hub expanding into eight directions. With some levels being connected and others not. I'm also working on better level transitions at the moment to make it a bit smoother. Again this is all pre alpha ,but to those who actually are excited this is a bit of news. I may realease a download later this month for those interested.

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