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Hello everyone! First I wanna thank anyone who supports the game in this very early state... Second thing is, I wanna post a small status update:

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NOTE: I'm from germany, so my english might contain mistakes.
At the moment we are working hard to get the first open alpha done, this will only contain a small part of the whole game, because we do not want to spoil too much of the story, before it is polished and mostly bug-free.
This small test version of the game will hopefully be available to everyone who signs up in the next months. You can sign up for the alpha by sending us an E-Mail at gramophonestudios@gmail.com, just put in something like "I wanna be in th alpha" and give us a short list of your PC specs. If you do that you will be emailed when there is a new version availabe. By the way, you can also conatct us via E-Mail about anything else.
Since we are a very small team, doing all the sounds, level design, modelling and testing by ourselves, it takes quite a long time to get the thing done. Because of that ANY HELP is apreciated, if you want to get involved (3d-modelling, voice acting, testing...) just send us a nice E-Mail!
The leveldesign of the first area is (almost) done, the second one is a still a bit sketchy, but its going.
Sound/Music is being done, some sounds and music are still to be done...
The modelling and texturing of the props/objects is going slowly, but we will fucos on that in the next time.
All in all, we are working hard, but there is much more to be done, so do not expect the FULL game to be released earlier then Oct. 2014...
Thanks for your support,
Henry "Hdw"

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