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Work has been done on my house, slowly ending my 'hiatus'. A soundtrack concept has been posted and work will slowly continue on the game itself.

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Hey everyone,

The work in my house has finally been mostly done. Just some furniture and some minor adjustments which still needs to be done.

This means I can start working on the game again. Instead of doing side things, I'll now focus on the gameplay itself. And then after make things like the campaign map. I still have fairly little time due to work and managing a big EVE Corporation (I'm CEO of it), but I'll try to get a playable version done soon.

As you may have noticed, a small soundtrack prototype has been uploaded to the site. It has been made by F-777 (quite well known artist on newgrounds audio portal). I want to include 2 types of soundtracks in it. This type which F-777 makes is a sort of mix between more older styles and electronic style. The other (which is still in very early phase) will be more of an orchestral type. You can listen the first prototype below:

I'd gladly hear your opinions on this song! Oh and try to guess which sources have been the inspiration for this song ;)

So all in all, I hope to have something playable ready by the summer!

Thanks for your time and patience!

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