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Post news RSS WOOHOO ! Co-op works! + Level 8 + the Rail upgrade + Birthday Sale: 75% for 48h

-Birthday sale : 75% off for 48h -You guys are amazing. - Co-op works well - Level 8 is here - The Rail is here

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First of all, thank you community, you have been awesome, and wow ! What reviews! Some of them are seriously heart warming.
I hope you'll like this new release, it's called 0.9.7 also known as "WOOOHOO co-op works !"

A breakdown:

On Co-Op: Fraser worked his ass off and Tobias from Photon helped out to make it super smooth, it even works thought a crappy 3G connection although if you ping over 5000ms and rats are eating your copper line, it'll drop you for sanitary reasons :)
Yep co-op smooth, on a game this complicated to make - what a milestone for us - That alone is worthy of celebrating. But it is also Fraser's Birthday. You know what we do on birthdays ? We celebrate by cutting the price for 48 hours 75% off !

On Level 8: It's here and it's pretty, I mean pretty hard, but already 3 people high-scored me at nightmare so I'm about to challenge that.

The rail : someone already figured out how deeply it changes your strategy - you no longer need the power nodes, you can go solo, like an R-9A on legs mowing down baddies (they don't know they're bad, they just follow their instinct but that's for another discussion). Maxout your loadout, man.

We also changed the shader a little so the characters catch the light better, fixed some better explosions and sounds, changed the way the shop button work for clarity and a ton of other fixes.

So enjoy your dose of talking lasers and mutating strawberry fields and welcome to planet M.

-The Elefantopia crew


The highscore on nightmare is ours! >:D But only because we had a nice threesome co-op and are really addicted to this game.

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Elefantopia Author

Oh man that must have been epic! Take a snapshot next time :)

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the rail really helps balance out the levels that were slightly on the difficult side before.
oh, and:
"unique and addictive ... and ***Mutagel vats***."
=DDD. i can't wait to see how that turns out.

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Good, why I didn't see this offert on time, I really want to try this game :D

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