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Expanding the game world and existing mechanics are the next major steps in Winter Survival Simulator’s development.

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As the development of the game continues at a rather quick pace, we have been quite busy adding new content, new features and also expanding the playable area of the game world. While a lot of it is still work in progress, we've reached a stage advanced enough to feel confident to show some of it to you. To this end we made this DevLog a combination of a video log and additional information provided in this text.


One of the more frequently asked questions is whether we'll support more visually distinct areas other than the ones shown in the demo. While the game obviously takes place in a winter setting, there will be different biomes with their own visual style and gameplay related features.
We are in the process of finishing the next biome right now, offering a direct expansion of the playable area. There you will be met with a large and rushing river sidewinding through a dense, snow-covered forest.

This river can be both resourceful and treacherous at the same time. Even though it serves as a great spot to gather small rocks and worms, which in turn can be used as a “snack” or as bait for traps and fishing. However, the river can be also very dangerous. You can actually drown, but even getting wet, considering freezing temperatures, can be fatal.

Along with the expansion of the game world come new locations. One of the notable ones is the next shelter you will be able to use. We call it the Hunting Cabin. Apart from being an additional shelter, it comes with its own story and mystery you will be able to follow and even uncover some new information about your missing friends you started this journey with.


We are also in the process of putting more emphasis on the state of your equipment. One factor is clothing getting wet. Traversing snow or cutting across steams or rivers requires you to pay some attention to the wetness of your gear.
If your gear gets soggy, you will need to dry the drenched items to prevent the numbing freeze or consider having a spare set of clothes. Making gear more waterproof is another avenue you will be able to pursue.


Other areas we are expanding and adding some depth to are hunting, tracking and plants. Better tracking has always been on our to-do list compared to what we showcased in the demo. So was adding more variety to traps.

We are also continuing adding more animal types to the game and improving the existing ones. The improvements are not limited to visuals only. Animal behavior patterns and AI also see constant improvements.
The flora hasn’t been forgotten either. More usable plants and even mushrooms are being added to the game that can be used in various recipes. Both food and medicinal uses are being covered with the later becoming more and more important as we are expanding the survival aspects as well. But more about that in the next DevLog in a couple of weeks.

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