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We're now on IndieDB and want to share information on the latest SSCS update, WindStrike. And talk about plans for the next patch!

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Good afternoon!

Dear users, we created our SSCS game page on IndieDB and are happy to present the first article about the game and the latest WindStrike update!

WindStrike Update

Recently our game received an update that changes the way to grab objects, now this part of the game looks much better and more convenient. But more important of course is the new game location - the old station in the depths of the atmosphere of the gas giant.
This time, SSCS corporation will send the players to quite a dangerous place: apart from sorting cargo, they will have to watch out for surprises that the planet throws up. Namely, lightning balls, which can damage the station. This is very dangerous, both for the player and for the cargo, so an important part of the gameplay at the location is the use of a protective barrier, which alas disables all the electronics on the station, but protects it from the ball lightning.

Update Screenshots

SSCS 06 08 2021 20 52 28

SSCS 06 08 2021 20 52 41

SSCS 06 08 2021 20 54 00

The near future plans

In addition to describing the update, we want to share the current plans for the development of the game. This update was the conclusion of a series of updates associated with the addition of new game locations. Now we will focus on increasing the variety, which is in our plans for the near future:

  • Add a description of cargo types separately for each company.
    Now the number of descriptions is 32 - 8 texts for each shipment type. As you understand this is not very interesting, because working with shipments from different companies you would like to see the appropriate description for each company.
  • Add more music to the levels.
    At the moment, each location has exactly 1 tune. It gets very boring in 5 game days, each of which lasts about 5 minutes. We would like to add more music, say 3-4 soundtracks per location. Dear readers, if you're ready to help with this - write!
  • Add more translations of the game in other languages.
    Unfortunately, now the game is translated only in Russian and English. We would like to give more people a chance to play our game comfortably, but the localization problem is bigger than you may think. If you want to help translate the game into your language, we'll gladly provide you with the tools to do so - just contact us!
  • Add more Easter cargos.
    There are a few cargoes in our game that the player can encounter with a 5 percent chance, right now there are only 7 in the game, but we want to increase that number to 15-20. We are ready to listen to your ideas!

Thank you for your attention dear users, we are very much looking forward to your feedback!
Good luck!

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