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Post news RSS Why did I decide to create my own engine?

In this article I will briefly mention why I decided to create an engine to develop "Flyto Adventures".

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The Engine

To innovate Games Production, we decided in 2013 to create our own engine, ensuring greater integration with "Blenner OS" and, respectively, with our projects. Behold, the TFX Engine comes later replaced by "UpGamer Engine".


One of the biggest reasons that motivated me to create the engine was the freedom to create something that had never been created, especially in the Brazilian market, which is one of the largest in the world, but is not as well encouraged as it should be.

Incentives to Brazil

Since I was little, I always had the will of every child to create his own game, besides seeing him being played by other people. I believe that thousands of people can create their projects, as long as they are determined to do it as such. With that in mind, with the focus on the Brazilian market, the UpGamer Engine when it is launched (in 2019) will be free for all South American audiences, creating a great incentive for other people to program and develop their own projects. Unfortunately, I did not have that possibility when I was younger, but I want other people to enjoy what I could not.

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