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Whispering Abyss is a top-down rogue-like in the setting of Lovecraftian horror. Play as Grace as you navigate the treacherous abyss and rid Dululth of its monsters with your trusty dual revolvers! Descend into the madness in a procedurally generated abyss, collecting loot to aid your quest.

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After watching her mother get dragged underneath the surface by something terrible, a young Grace Havenshroud was left scared and alone. 10 years later, Grace returns to her hometown of Duluth, Minnesota. Equipped with her dual revolvers and the sun necklace gifted in her mother's final moments, Grace is determined to find out what took her mother. Use your run and gun-style skills to navigate the treacherous abyss and rid Dululth of its monsters! The abyss features tons of items that drastically impact the way the game is played and will aid in the increased difficulty per level. Using random generation, each level of the abyss is unique and rewards different styles of play. Whispering Abyss also features collectible journal entries that help Grace uncover the mystery of what happened all those years ago. Will Grace discover Duluth’s secrets, or will she meet the same fate as her mother?

Whispering Abyss is a top-down rogue-like in the setting of Lovecraftian horror. Play as Grace as you navigate the treacherous abyss and rid Dululth of its monsters with your trusty dual revolvers! Descend into the madness in a procedurally generated abyss, collecting loot to aid your quest.


Lore-enriched gameplay is shown through unlockable journal pages, secret lore bits, and much more.
Exotic items that drastically change the way the game is played.
Randomly generated levels that make each run new and exciting!
Beautiful environments and distinct enemies with special attack patterns!
Enemies, items, and special NPCs inspired by Lovecraftian lore!


The Wandering Eyes

Half of a deadly pair and one of the more common enemies found in the Abyss. These eyes like to hunt in packs to overwhelm their prey rather than take it on alone. You should have nothing to worry about if facing one of these creatures, but be careful and don’t dawdle on taking them out because they can very quickly become a problem. Take your gaze off a wandering eye, and the next time you spot it, you’ll have way more than one to worry about. Standing and fighting a horde is a death sentence find a way to thin it out or take them out in bottleneck areas.


The other half of a deadly pair and a common occurrence is the tendrils in the Abyss. Like the wandering eyes, these tendrils are weak, especially alone, but the danger lies in their ability to corner you. These tendrils occupy valuable space and rely on their friends to push you towards them for the kill. The easiest way to deal with a tendril is by being aware of your surroundings so as not to get pushed into their range. Tendrils cannot move horizontally, only lunge, and using this against them is paramount to your survival down there. Do not underestimate them or suffer the consequences.

The Forgotten

Once humans just like you, the forgotten are special because they’re the only monsters that can hit you from range. They want your attention elsewhere, so they get a perfect shot at you with the massive rocks they hurl. The forgotten have buried themselves in the ground, rooting themselves for greater durability and the ability to attack from range. Use this against them, as long as you keep moving, they won’t be able to target you accurately. Don’t ever double back against a forgotten, or you’ll find yourself waking up at the pearly gates a bit too soon. If you’re fast enough, you can get away with leaving them for last, but be warned, these creatures will take any chance to strike you with a lightning-quick boulder to the head.

The Stalker

Stalkers like to watch their targets, then charge up a dash attack that only matches its power in speed. They say if you listen close enough, you can hear the huffs of a stalker tracking you at some points in the Abyss. Their tough hide makes them harder to take down than most enemies but not impossible and if it bleeds, it dies; remember that. Stay light on your feet, traveler, and never stay in the same place too long lest you want to feel the fate of the many unfortunate victims before you.


Ritual - Consumes hp, enter a very strong berserk mode, increased dmg, speed, fire rate.

Picking up this item consumes some of the user’s hp to enter a beserked state, granting her increased dmg, speed, and fire rate.

“Just because I use some of their enchantments doesn’t make me comparable to them.”

“This is a necessary evil. I can tolerate it this once.”

“Breathe Grace it’s just a little pain for a lot of damage.”

“Blood Magic, the most painful of magics.”

Ricochet - Chance for bullets to bounce to a nearby enemy.

Bullets have a chance to bounce to a nearby enemy causing damage.

“Mom always knew I was a great shot. This just proves it.”

“Efficient… Perfect.”

“A bouncing bullet eh? I can work with this.”

“What makes it bounce? Magic! Definitely magic.”

Tentacle - Summons a tentacle that rotates around the player dealing a chunk of damage to the first enemy hit; the tentacle then despawns and respawns after a short duration.

Summons a friendly tentacle that will deal damage to enemies around the user.

“Turning them against each other… I never even thought to try that.”

“Time for them to get a taste of their own medicine.”

“Finally they get to feel my pain!”

“I don’t care if you help me, you won’t be spared in the end.”

Double Shot - % chance to fire two bullets.

Gives a chance to fire two bullets for the price of one.

“Two is always better than one. Unless you ask my mother who would say one is plenty.”

“Two bullets to the face are better than one. Good riddance.”

“My revolvers never cease to surprise me.”

“A surprise to be sure, but a very welcome one.”

Gambler’s Choice - A huge stat up for a huge stat down (randomized)

Grants a random large stat up and a large stat down.

“It’s not gambling if you’ve already made peace with everything you’ve lost.”

“Go on. If you give me something bad I’ll make that work too. I’ve had worse”

“Time to be a god or time to run?”

“Don’t mess with a girl who’s got nothing left to lose. She’s crazy.”

... And so many more to discover!


Our indie game will launch this Friday, Oct 28th, at 12 PM EDT on the steam store page! I'd love to have the community support & try it out, as it will be the first game I publish with my team. We started this game at the beginning of the year (January 2022) as our game development capstone project. It originally was a 16-week track to develop a viable product. With lots of blood, sweat, and tears, we decided that our game could be so much more. Further developing it through the Summer, we decided to publish the game on the steam page finally. Please give it your all: constructive criticism and reviews are welcomed!

Steam Store Page: Store.steampowered.com

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