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Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop on what the next steps are after launch.

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Firstly, I've received overwhelmingly positive feedback for this project, and for that I thank you all sincerely. I'm always open to feedback, good or bad!

I'd also like to prompt all of you to share screenshots or videos if you have them! Seeing your raw impressions helps me immediately see where there are hiccups in the design.

With those out of the way, you may be wondering what's next for this project! I want to keep you all in the loop, so read on for a brief update of where the project is at.

Immediate Next Steps

I've received a lot of suggestions on how to improve the game, and I want to noodle a few of them before designing a roadmap. If you want to provide feedback, please use the Steam Community forum, OR feel free to join the Rubeki Discord here:


I'll also be coming up with a long term plan of attack. Solidifying design choices, release timelines, and gameplay components to keep myself in check during development.

After I solidify a plan, I will likely take the demo offline in favor of a closed alpha during development.

Some Estimates

As it stands, I'm projecting the game to be complete within a year, or year and a half, unless something drastically changes.


I'm considering an early access option for getting this out sooner with some interesting perks. But I haven't decided just yet.... This is one of the things that could alter the timeline drastically.

But anyways, stay tuned for more!

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