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A fresh new take on the puzzle genre, Luminux is a frantic Action Puzzler that plays like nothing else.

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What's a better way to explain Luminux than trying it out for yourself? Try out an early of our game right now on your computer and if you like what you see then check us out on Kickstarter and spread the word.

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Luminux is a frantic Action Puzzler. We at Pelagic Games love puzzle games but, had grown tired of how stagnate the genre has become. We wanted to make something more than "just another" match three. Luminux gives the same rush as Tetris Attack, always racing the clock to stay alive, while forcing the player to balance between setting up combos and clearing the field.

In Luminux the player maneuvers a field of Lums to arrange them in lines of 3 or more. Aligning 3 will only be enough to sustain empty spots on the field. Scoring the largest points in the game involves lining up 4, 5, or even multiple rows of different colored Lums at once!

The thing that sets Luminux apart from other puzzle games is its simplified control scheme: Everything is moved simply by swiping it around. Designed specifically with touch screens in mind, we wanted the game to be as intuitive as possible. We were tired of match three games that only give limited input to how you want to set up the field and may times force the player to rely on luck. In Luminux, everything is just a swipe away from where you want it.

Multiple Star Systems

In Luminux you play as a star spirit, bringing back energy to star systems that can't create their own. There are 6 different systems in the game, all with theirs own twists on the games core mechanics.

Two examples of them are the Lumi System and the Jig Sector which cater to both lovers of fast paced action puzzlers and the lovers of slower more methodical puzzle games.

Lumi System- The Lumi system is one that is low on energy and needs constant fusions to keep it from having a cosmic meltdown. Lums continuously spawn onto the field, at an increasing rate as time goes on. Creating a frantic race to balance combos and just trying to keep the field from filling.

Jig System- Both time and space are distorted in the Jig System. They are linked in a much different way than other systems. Lums spawn after the player has made a certain amount of moves. Planning ahead becomes increasingly important as the amount of moves before Lums spawn decreases. Efficiency is of the utmost importance in this system.


We want Luminux to be as accessible as possible and to share our work with the world. To do this it will use a credits system to allow players to try out the full game for free. Playing the game will cost credits and credits will regenerate in real time. We have designed the system to allow a player's credits to last for a bit longer than what we have found to be an average play session. Players who really enjoy the game can purchase the option to enable Unlimited Mode which will no longer drain credits for playing the game. This setup allows for anybody to play the full game even if they do not want to have to purchase it.


The base game "Project Tetra," that has become Luminux took first place at the Microsoft hosted CampAppHack Hackathon. After such a good reception we decided that we had to make it in to a full blown app for everyone to enjoy.

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