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Informative text blurp about what the game is and what our planned features are.

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Grimrush is an upcoming top down Action RPG set in an sci-fi fantasy setting where the player fights menacing boss monsters for loot and leaderboard glory. The game's primary focus will be in allowing the player to create unique builds using an array of varied playable characters and items.

But you read that in the summary already, right? Just double checking. That is the basic gist of our game.

You are an agent for a top secret Organisation where your job is to eliminate extraterrestrial or paranormal threats.

You start off in the hub area that has an item shop, socketing bench, character select and a world map that you use to select a boss to fight. Prepare your item build consisting of six items of your choice, choose a boss, difficulty level and engage in combat!

When you defeat a boss, you will be rewarded with money and gems (and maybe something neat you never know!). Perform well to secure your position on the leaderboard for eternal fame and glory... until someone knocks you down.

Our planned features are:

  • Several playable characters each with unique playstyles.
  • Lots of items that give you new abilities and alter your character’s stats.
  • Gem system that you can use to socket your items, altering their stats and possibly behaviour.
  • Ten bosses each with unique arenas, behaviours and multiple difficulty levels.
  • Multiple game modes such as: time attack, survival, story and freeplay.
  • Leaderboards with rewards for top positions.
  • Co-op?
  • Graphics.
  • Music & sound.
  • Working mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Punching monsters.

Expect regular updates once or twice a week.

The game is heavily in development and pretty much everything is a subject to change.

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