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Burial Stone is a dungeon crawl game on the likes of Eye of the Beholder or Legend of Grimrock. In this article I talk about what differs it from other games, and what is the state of the game.

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Burial Stone is a dungeon crawl RPG in the style of Eye of the Beholder or Legend of Grimmrock.

What is special about it, is that this game will be in VR.

The game plays from a first person view point, but it is still tile based.

Both the player and the enemies can only walk on tiles. However, more than one enemy can occupy the same tile.

In many of those games, there is more than one player character, to add variety.

However, in Burial Stone, the focus is on a single character.

This is why you would have multitude of abilities and options for the same character.

Melee battle, archery, throwing weapons, special skills, and spells.

The story of Burial Stone is of a treasure seekers who enters the ruins he believes a valuable treasure is residing within.

Not only it is not clear if the treasure is there, it will also be a dangerous place and it won't be easy for our adventurer to get out.

A mystical mystery is linked to those ruins.


Burial Stone is built in Unity, a new engine and code for the tile based/time unit based mechanics is being worked on.

The works in the way that every action you or any creature in the game takes, use a certain amount of time units. The character that used the least time units, is the next to act.

To the player this seems seamless.

So notice that even equipping and eating food will use time units, and will give an opportunity to your enemies to make a move.

If it is the player's "turn", then nothing will progress until you take your next action. In that sense, the game has varying pace, where you can do intense battles relatively quick, or just leave the game, and go for a cup of coffee while the game waits for your next action.

Progress so Far

Right now there is already a map builder, from tile based map to a 3D level.

I use the URP pipeline of Unity. So the graphics will be nice.

On the other hand, I plan for this to run on Oculus Quest 2 native, without a link. So there will be a limit of what I will be able to put in the game visually.

But it looks nice and runs nice so far.

I have also recently added a torch controlled by the player's left controller.

Previously the torch was set in a certain position relative to the player, but now it's more dynamics.

A demonstration of the progress can be seen in this video:

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