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Come join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our daily streams where we test games, discuss game design and try to find answers to the many secrets of life.

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That's right we're on twitch. (again)

Come join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays where we will be showing off all of the new details and features regarding our upcoming projects in both UNREAL Engine 4 and GameSalad.

NGH 2:

New information on the upcoming sequel for our most popular game Never Go Home 2 will be shown on Tuesdays. Everything from enemies and weapons to space and world exploration will be joining our new version of Test Tube Tuesdays. Additionally we will be doing tutorials on some of the various functions in Unreal Engine 4 that way you can learn as you watch.

[ Come watch Never Go Home developer Kai make some weapons here: Youtube.com

Streaming Thursdays

Thursdays will be more of the same HOWEVER we will also be opening up the floor to conversations with our viewers if they have any questions on inde-development, gaming engine, etc. Join us here if you want an in-depth look at our 4-year old company and the many different people that inhabit it.





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