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Lots of text, lots of images, lots of video footage, quite a bit of humility and a degree of optimism for what the future may bring. Tactical Intervention - a First Person Shooter with cars, dogs, a huge arsenal and much more.

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Dear old and new friends of TI,

It's really happening – we’re BACK!

For those of you who have no clue what the hell TI is, this, in a nutshell, is it:

If you’re just too lazy or pretending to be busy, which is basically the same thing, and reading is your treat:

TI – also known as Tactical Intervention is a tactical First Person Shooter. However we don’t use the full name much nowadays and instead stick to the TI in it – was once meant to become the unofficial successor of Counter-Strike, the successful first person shooter defining an entire genre almost two decades ago.

Although TI shows quite a bit of Minh “Gooseman" Le's talent for awesome gameplay concepts and scenarios, it left a lot to be desired on the technical side. The game just wasn't half as good as the ideas in it.

Production and financing issues, bad management decisions and more than one rushed release had led to a faulty product being released, a disappointment to many professionals, bloggers, youtubers and gamers.

It was a beta full of bugs, crashes and design flaws, and whenever friends and family would ask us what we were doing for a living, we told them we were selling shoes, drove a Dodge and had a dog named "Buck" - which was sort of much less humiliating than the truth...

Since then, however, we kept working. And working. And Working. And, occasionally, drinking, which didn’t help as much as we hoped, but desperate times require desperate measures, and it was worth the try.

So, in less words: we have made PROGRESS.

Of course, with many of our fellow developers leaving the team, we couldn’t re-invent the game or re-build it from scratch – something that we were really thinking about once or twice. A day.

So we gave up the goal of making it the totally realistic, entirely professional AAA title / cash cow that some people wanted to see in it, and instead chose to take it for what it is.

And what, for what it's worth, lead more than one million players to clicking on the “download” button in the first place: a free, funky, fun game with tons of features (it’s got dogs. And cars. And, occasionally, dogs in cars, but we’re going to fix that, and there's that thing with the forklift, yes…), lots of places, scenarios and quite a bit of mood and unique atmosphere.

As the last proper update has been many months ago, you can imagine that the one we're working on right now will be pretty massive by our own standards.

It will contain a couple of major fixes, dozens of minor improvements and lots of fresh content as well.

ti lgo 04th 0019th

a p test feb23 020003th 0006th

- Networking has been massively improved. Still far from perfect, but significantly better than it used to be.

- New melee system to make the knifing more rewarding and smoother.

- New rendering optimizations and visual effects to bring this game out of the 1990s. Yes, we appreciate the power of retro, but not when it comes to shaders and effects.

- AN SDK! Yes, we did it, we did implement a content creation system to open the game for your contributions, for maps models etc. to be in your hands in the future.

- New maps, among them a new version of Office by Resi and some playgrounds for our TDM and driving enthusiasts

This update has taken a lot more time than planned, but there’s more to come now that our technical problems are mostly solved. We’re going to start testing in a couple of days, so stay tuned – and help us improve the game even more by giving us feedback and input both on the game as it is and on the changes we've made.

Metal-Payne - - 101 comments

After having played TI when it shipped out on Steam, I wasn't exactly impressed. However, this update has peaked my interest and has me looking forward to what you have in store for TI. Keep up the great work and good luck.

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Maniac_YKT - - 60 comments

I sincerely hope that this won't turnout 'too little too late'.

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Albatros44 Author
Albatros44 - - 136 comments

Well it still might, since we, as opposed to our former management and publishers, don't want to pretend to have the perfect game and a solution for everything.

But we're doing it all on our own now with no management telling us how to run things - even the publishing is up to us.

So, we understand your scepticism because there are lots of reasons for it, but we appreciate even more that you're giving us another chance :).


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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Will definitely try this again once updated!

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