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An explanation about updates and where the game is at.

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A huge thank you to the people who have expressed interest in the game. Hopefully you feel as excited about it as I do. I'm going to do my best to post at least something each friday and saturday. However, if I miss a week don't worry I'm still working on the game, it's just that me and my wife are working on a ranch in New Mexico, and we may not be able to reach wifi at the time. The wifi up here is terrible and the nearest town is 2 hours away. So I may not be able to post one week, but I'm sure to post a few things when we drive into town to get groceries.

For anyone wondering how far along the game is, here's some of the features that are done, and just need polish-

- pathfinding, a A* system that can handle a large number of students
- building, you can place classrooms by the tile and they'll update to how they should look
- class schedules- can be rearranged and the students will know when to go to each class
- dueling, the dueling system is in place and working well
- broom racing, the students will race around tracks you can build and they look nice doing so

Here's what I'm working on

- The train that brings in the students is being drawn and programmed
- A few classes to try out the mechanics and gameplay
- placeholder sound effects.

I'm still adjusting to working out here (I have goats to feed in a half hour), but as I get more adjusted to my new life I'd like to set a timeline for when an alpha can be released. Thanks for reading!

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