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Post news RSS Weekly WIP: new Tile Manager and a lot of fixes

Lot of stuff happens this week and the major changes are on the new tile manager and on the project scenes - the game-over scene doesn't exist anymore but was cut and pasted in the main game scene for a faster reloading of the game.

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This week we work hard and fix a lot of stuff.

Here the list:

  • Fixed bug on background towers layer - the tower manager did not change in the right way and last level had the wrong graphics (ugh!).
  • Changed collision box on the heroes models
  • Added a new trial component on the hero (not standard component) - but it's not complete, "needed" because some people ask for more contrast between bg and front and not standard 'cause the hero don't move in reality ^_^
  • Fixed some elements on the menu (wrong gfx and position) and changed some in/out speed on elements.
  • The new tiles manager is now completed - now faster and cooler (OF COURSE! :P ) and the enemies could now "know" when to jump at the end of a tile group (that's something I like to introduce soon >) )
  • Removed the GAME OVER scene from the GAME OVER scene and putted right into the game - faster restart when you are dead (I mean, not literally :P but after a bad game )
  • New spikes completed, need to put it in the levels
  • Changed last bg layer, the mountains - the new ones are higher, nicer and work better with the rest of the background gfx

Now it's time to adjust the enemies poling script and all the behavior scripts (there is a little mess :P )).

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