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Post news RSS Weekly Update - 2/23/21

We show a glimpse of an all-new area coming to our Chapter 4 release, some of the less glamorous aspects of game development, and more.

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for coming back! We’re gearing up for a HUGE look at what Chapter 4 has in store next week (dropping on March 19th!) but in the meantime, here are a few minor updates.

Over on our Twitter, we’ve been showing a lot of the less glamorous side of game making, including creating a draft version of our audio log menu, or dealing with a very irritating bug with our tow line where it's grabbing onto walls that don't exist (check it out below - it took a lot longer to fix than we’d like to admit lol).

Last month we had a fun time at BostonFig, and we were delighted this week to be included FictiveTruism’s round-up of his Top 5 Picks from the BostonFig Fest. It’s always such a boost to see something like this about our game - particularly from an outlet like indiegamereviewer.com.

And this past weekend we dropped the first snippet of one of Chapter 4’s new environments - Tectonic Rift. This area takes place in an underwater volcano and features a bunch of nasty new obstacles. Here’s a snippet of us working on one of the lava gushers below.

Next week, we’re going to do a full drop on Chapter 4 - showing what new environments, tools, unlocks, and quality of life improvements will be coming on March 19th.

See you then!

-The Bomb Shelter Games Team

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