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Welcome to the INT Weekly Update #22. In this week's update we continue to explore the Art team's reframing process. We will also get to meet three UCE war heroes. Enjoy!

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Welcome, rouges and sharpshooters, to the Weekly Update!

This week, we’ll be continuing our look into the art team’s reframing process for the latest build of the game. We’ll also go through some of the job openings at Starboard Games, LLC, and be sure to read to the end for a lore update on the leaders of the UCE!

With that, let’s get into the thick of things!

Please keep in mind that everything shown here are still under testing and subject to change, we strive to ensure everything in the final game holds meaningful existence.

In last week’s article, we went over the work Matt Parkin has been doing to revamp the Apartment level, as well as some of the newer UI changes. In our whirlwind tour of the development process, we wanted to do something a little bit different this week. Below, Matt shows off our reframing process, or how the art team takes their 3D assets and animations and imports them into Unity.

The Apartment level is looking great, and we’re making progress to some of our first milestones for the demo thanks to the hard work of Matt and his team.

You can follow Matt’s Polygon Pilgrimage – his journey to become a better 3D Artist – by checking out his archives and uploads here. Follow the pilgrimage on twitter @PolygonPilgrim for the latest updates and live stream alerts.

Starboard Games, LLC is hiring! It is the season of INT, and while the development teams are making strides with animation, touch ups and efficiency, we’re looking for new team members to fill out our team!

Currently we’re looking for artists and animators to help us meet our development milestones for 2016. We currently have the following positions open:

  • UI Artist
  • Hard Surface Modeler
  • Animations Riggers
  • Promotional Artist
  • Texture Artist

We’re looking for talented, dedicated, and friendly developers to fill these positions. You can find out more about each position, and apply, here. We look forward to seeing what you can do!

The United Colonies of Earth (UCE) are best represented by their war heroes – Admiral Marcus Perry, Jason Barnes and Sarah Graves all had hands in the First Colonial war.

Admiral Marcus Perry comes from a long lineage of military might. Perry grew up attending military academies, and was often admonished for his lack of discipline. Having proved his mettle taking out a cartel operating beyond the Outer Colonies, he was promoted to Captain, handling hazardous ops in the Outer Colonies. Soon after this promotion Perry was faced with the biggest challenge to UCE authority ever, the ACP. The ACP’s tactics slowly wore down the admiral who was far more comfortable in open combat situations. However, slowly but surely he began matching the cunning of the ACP Fleet Admiral, Jacob Crane.

After Crane’s defection, Perry used the ACP’s own tactics against them with a series of tactical strikes on key areas of ACP space. After the surprise ACP attack on Bastion, Perry began moving troops to the hub of trade en masse, preparing for a battle that may very likely turn the tide of the war.

Jason Barnes was an up and coming rear admiral, who had risen through the ranks during the war. From the bridge of the Octavius, a Crusader Class Cruiser, and acting with the information sent as the last act of Admiral Crane, Barnes caught the ACP unaware on their capitol on Atlas. Their gravity well defenses fell, and the remaining vessels around the world routed. Despite Barnes’ best intentions, several high level ACP leaders were able to escape the attack on Atlas. Despite the escape of the ACP High Command, Barnes’ mission was a complete success.

The event became known as ‘The Burning of Atlas.” The battle was considered an overwhelming success, despite the slaughter. In the following weeks, as the Middle Colonies questioned the ACP’s leadership, their leader, N.D., put into motion a plan that would once again turn the tables against the UCE.

Finally, Sarah Graves has long had strong family ties to the Jupiter 10 Corporations and by extension the UCE Military. She gained an interest in science and R&D through her parent’s work with Apotheosis R&D. Sarah attended the Citadel on New Terra and graduated top of her class, and joined the ranks of Apotheosis R&D after a short our in the UCE military. In 2246, Sarah became a member of Apotheosis’ board of directors.

When an ACP terrorist attack killed the CEO of Apotheosis R&D in 2248, Sarah was unanimously chosen by the remainder of the board to become the new CEO of Apotheosis R&D. Sarah’s leadership within the J10 has made her a major player in the internal politics of the J10/UCE war effort.

What do you think of the UCE and their war efforts? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know!

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