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Post news RSS We made it to the top 100! We promise more guns, sex, drugs, money, strippers, cars!

We woke up this morning to be in the top 100 games! Please help us go the rest of the way and vote for us! Become a made guy in our ever-growing family.

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What an amazing feeling to wake up and find out that your game has made it into the final 100 indieDB games final! We would, first of all, we would like to thank you all for the ongoing support that you have shown us.

For the past 3 years, we have made tremendous progress with the build and an early access date insight of FEB 2021! With an end date in sight, the team is working harder than ever, we have now hired additional help as well to speed the process up. We are now close to the filming stages of our very first in-game trailer which we hope to release just after the New Year with early access being showcased at the same time on Steam.

I thought in this blog we would expand more on where, when and how the side of the game and get some of your answered expanded on! So here are some of the most recent questions that:

What are the most outrages features you have in the game?

Well... we feel that there are 3 outrages features in the game:

1. You will be able to visit brothels in the game and have uncensored interaction with its certain employees. If any of you are familiar with the "hot coffee" feature that a certain game offered you will know what we are on about on this one.

2. There will be a certain area in the game where you will be able to consume a certain white powder which will give you health benefits.

3. Since the game was in development this was always on our list to do. There will be a certain point in the game where you will need to dispose of a corpse and what a better mob way of doing it than actually cutting the body! We will expand on this in the next few months!


How big is the map?

The early access version of the game will include 2 main "islands" which will differ visually with characteristic neighbourhoods representing those parts of the map. Here is the list of areas that we currently have mapped into the game:

Island 1

Ferrers Green (aka Little Italy): A very tightly packed neighbourhood that represents tourism, character and authenticity riddled with restaurants, bars and souvenir stores but still represents the feeling that it's a close-knit community of Italian-American descent.

Terminal Island: Terminal island is a busy landing point for inbounding container ships. Terminal Island stretches for miles offering key strategic importance for both legal and illegal activities

Flaxley: Is a run-down ghetto looking area that we don't recommend you take a stroll through late at night. With the local architecture of highrises and abandoned buildings, it makes the perfect location for crime to thrive.

Island 2

Harrowfield (aka Downtown): Is a metropolis area that is thriving with the life of rich aristocratic NPC's. The area is mostly filled with skyscrapers, movie studio and a casino that offer an insight where life could take you.

Becken Garden (aka Chinatown): Says it the name Chinatown has been a settlement for Chinese immigrants while it offers an authentic insight into their traditions but the back alleys hide a different side to Becken gardens, Green Dragon gang runs some lucrative rackets including gambling dens, protection and drug distribution. So don't get bitten by the dragon.

Grand point: Is a quiet private gated area that offers both privacy and security. owning property there really concretes in your stance in the high society of New Temperance.

Fordham: Is traditionally known for its Irish-American heritage.

Whiteway beach: It's currently and area of discussion as major development moves in on the abandoned beachfront properties from what was once a thriving boardwalk tourist attraction back in the 1940s it sits now facing the bulldozer! Whiteway beach also has a different side to it, the recent development of New Temperance Airport has bought it a new touch of life to its former past.

Littele Italy

Who is Vincent "Vinny" Amato?

Without revealing too much, Vinny is a student at the New Temperance University. As you get to know Vinny more you find out that his families mob ties are as old as Ferrers Green church, having grown up in the neighbourhood under the guidance from his uncle Sonny he took a different route in life. Vinny grew up with the local knuckleheads known locally as the Beacon Hill crew which is made up of local wannabe thugs.

Will you be able to own property?

Oh god yes! We have put in a lot of time to do something different than all the other similar titles. You will have something called the Empire Panel where you will be able to control all your businesses that you have taken over or bought. Last time we counted there was around 30 different types of property, rackets or businesses you can own each offering it's own unique experience.

enterable interiors

image 4

Is there free roam?

Yes, you will be able to explore the map as much as you like! Will you be able to communicate with the NPC's? Yes, we have been very open to the idea that interaction and realism are used to its full advantage in this game. You will be able to communicate with most NPC's that you meet.

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