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Warfactions is now live on IndieDB. Not much stuff to show for now, because it's a very early prototype. I am currently making slow progress. I am not yet sure about the fate of the project. If I ever come to finish it, I think the game will include many gamemodes. Currently I'm thinking about: - Team deatchmatch - Sandbox - A "Warfactions" gamemode The Warfactions gamemode will basically be the core of the game: Open world base-building in teams.

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Warfactions is now live on IndieDB. Currently, there is not much to show, as I am still working on basic features.

What is currently implemented:

- Online synchronization (Basically multiplayer)

- Chat system

- Collisions

- A Prototype game menu

- Inventory system prototype

For now this is all still a very early prototype. I am thinking about implementing many gamemodes. The core of the game will be a team-based base-building gamemode. It will be called just like the game "Warfactions".

I am also thinking about implementing other gamemodes like perhaps team deathmatch, simple survival, sandbox, mini-games. Right now all of this is just speculation, so we will see.

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