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The Kickstater campaign for Wanda is entering its final 3 days. Go support it before it's too late. And of course, more screenshots about our latest progress.

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Hi peeps!

Wish you a happy new year! The Wanda kickstater campaign is doing well and it's already met the initial funding goal and is already racing for stretch goals and we have ONLY 3 days left! Followings are the stretch goals we have in mind! Please have a look.

Stretch goalz2

Let me explain about them in details.

Let Them Speak to Your Soul :

We want the big bot and the small bot to have their own custom emotive "beep" and "blip" SFX like the famous R2-D2 and BB-8 from Star Wars. It'll greatly enhance the experience, no doubt. Help us reach the goal, let them speak to your soul!

Reach Beyond the Stars :

Once we reach the 5800 AUD goal, Wanda will be "remade" with a newer, more powerful engine. This will allow us to use hi-definition images with better resolution. Note that it'll be an entirely new game. Current version of Wanda will be released first. All the backers from 7$ tier and above will get the enhanced remake of Wanda once we finished developing it with no extra charge. It will be released for both PC and Mac, unlike original version which is for PC only.

Please, take a look at possible graphical improvements here.

Original Game

Enhanced Version

A Portable Adventure :

The enhanced remake will be ported to both iOS and Android platforms. Take Wanda and enjoy this little adventure everywhere and anywhere!!!

That's all about our Kickstater project news. Show us some support!

Here are more screenshots from our recent progress with the game. New puzzles, new maps and all! Please have a look!

That concludes our progress update! Thanks for giving your time to read! Until the next time!

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