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The day has arrived finally! Wanda - A beautiful apocalypse is now available on Steam and various digital stores. This is a recap for all the devlog that we have post over a year.

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Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse is Now Released!

An unforgettable tale about two robots finding happiness, companionship, and finding happiness in a wasteland!

Wanda is short and small indie game that focus on narrative power of a game. You play as two robotic survivors who had been stranded in a long gone world. Solve the puzzle that come across your way as you guide these simple minded robots and see the story unfold in most subtle, show;don't tell style of narrative and beautiful OST created by David Lister.

Release Trailer

Initial Reviews :

While the linear experience harms replayability, Wanda is overall one of the most beautiful, poetic, compelling, and masterful examples of the narrative potential of video games. - TechRaptor

Clever puzzle game rich in storytelling. Interesting game world with beautifully done music. Downside is that it’s a very short game. A must buy though for the emotionally driven experience. - Video Game Break

It's with a heavy heart, I do not recommend this title, as my gameplay experiences were negatively affected by the lack of a resolution option. Which was a real shame because this title has a really good emotionally driven story, with an amazing musical score. I also believe the title is a bit expensive for 3 hours (at a stretch) worth of gameplay. I did enjoy the game, but unfortunately these two factors make me advise against picking up this title. - A Steam Early Review

Got you interested? Get the game here!

That's all folks! Give the game a try. Have any question about the game? Feel free to reach out to me :D

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