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For you VR FPS Fans we've released a free demo version of our soon to be published title. Download, play and enjoy! We would love to get your thoughts on it and don't forget to support us if you like what you see!

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"Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet" is a fast paced Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Action Shooter.

Steam Greenlight Page

Free Demo Project Downloads

IndieDB Demo Download Page (with Demo summary and description)

Direct ZIP download (for people in a hurry)

This version supports the HTC Vive with PSVR support coming soon!

Core features

- Experience a fast-paced first person virtual reality shooter that challenges your ability to engage, think and react under increasing levels of intensity.

- Play and unlock different hero classes, each packed with their own unique set of abilities and mechanics, allowing you to experience the missions in the hero’s own distinct combat style.

- Encounter tougher, larger, more cunning enemy types as your blast your way through increasingly challenging waves of enemies in the fight for survival.

- Explore different missions, each with their own unique settings, objectives and game modes, which come together to form a short but powerful storyline brought forward by interactive cinematic scenes.

About the Demo version

This demo version provides a good idea of the final game's look and feel.
Our focus for this demo was giving letting player's experience the game's core mechanics,
level of difficulty, pressure and intensity.
Please note that the demo version has been purposefully limited to Wave 4 of the first mission,
where the full version challenges players to progress as far as they can!
Please let us know what you think of our project, you can find our contact information just a few lines below.
Would you like to see this project become public? Support us on Steam Greenlight!

Enjoy and Blast away! :)

Galactic Core VR - The Lost Fleet DEMO

!!! Content in the final v1.0 release will include: !!!

- More Unique enemy types spawning on Waves 6+ (including Bosses & flying enemies!)
- Improvements to weapon models, effects and sounds (should look even better!)
- New Hero Class : Engineer, with two more unique classes coming in a later release.
- 1st Mission's has NO wave limit and allows the player to progress as far as his/her skills allow.
- New Mission : Player battles along-side friendly Artificially intelligent companions in an
escort-type mission. More unique missions coming in a later release.
- Improving hero's arms to include Inverse Kinematics, bending to match the player's arm movements.
- More based on project backlog and YOUR FEEDBACK!

Contact Information

We would love to get your thoughts and constructive feedback on our project!
Please feel free to contact us on any of the following channels:
[Steam] Steamcommunity.com
[Facebook] Facebook.com
[IndieDB] Indiedb.com
[YouTube] Youtube.com
[Gmail] portalstudiosvr@gmail.com

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