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Take a look at some of the upcoming creatures for Vizaris.

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Weekly Report - 48

This week won’t have an ingame update. We’re in the middle of transitioning over to the recently released Unreal Engine 4.11 update, which will bring some noticeable performance improvements. Unlike week 44 where we weren’t able to do an update, this time an update is still being made, we were just unable to get the update game ready for today. Next week you can expect an even bigger update than normal, as it will include this week’s update.

To make up for the lack of an ingame update this week, I’ve decided to do another creature week like week 44, showing off some of the creatures we’ve designed for Vizaris, and teasing their gameplay.


The Ursoc

The Ursoc (pronounced Err-Sock) is a massive, but primitive beast, standing as tall as a man while on four legs, it’s one of the largest creatures you’ll encounter in Qaris’da’te. Thankfully, they’re Herbivores so they won’t actively pursue you, but don’t think that makes you safe. The desert nomads call these creatures “Water Guardians” as their territory is always centered around hotsprings and other acid oases. They will often splash about in the acidic water, which can be hazardous to nearby creatures that aren’t conditioned to being bathed in acid.

The Fitcher

The Fitcher is a dog sized creature which is skittish when alone, but in groups can be bold enough to tackle larger opponents. While solitary within their own territory, when encountered alone they will usually bolt, in search of other members of their pack. Their pelts are exceptionally valuable for use in the creation of fine scale mail once treated, but very difficult to acquire undamaged by ranged or melee weapons. Hunters will need to engage in a long chase of attrition to cause the creature to literally collapse of exhaustion – if the hunter wants to collect the pelt undamaged for the maximum reward.

The Tythochs

The Tythochs, (pronounced Tie-th-ocks) is a muscular, lizard-like omnivore, which is large enough to support two or more men riding it. It is a common beast used for transportation. Wild Tythochs can be very aggressive in the wild, sweeping their large tails in wide arcs with enough force to break bones, and using their arms to grab and restrain their prey – Making an angry Tythochs a foe that you won’t want to fight alone. However, their curious nature can make them easy to be lured with food, and eventually tamed and domesticated.

The Olluhker

The Olluhker (pronounced oh-luck-er) is once of the most dangerous creatures in the canyons. Standing two thirds the height of a man, and nearly three times as long, it is a nocturnal carnivore which stalks its prey. Even with the full moons, the most keen-eyed explorer would be hard pressed to see the Olluhker before it strikes due to it’s ability to change it’s skin to camouflage itself. The Olluhker has but one weakness, in it’s ability to become transfixed by fire and similar light sources, breaking the camouflage, and potentially paralyzing or starling the creature. So goes the saying: “Never wander at night without a torch to cast bright.”… or you might just find yourself in the belly of an Olluhker before you even know it.

As with the last batch of creatures, the 3D models is just the first part of a long process to get these creatures ingame. They require animations, sounds, effects, secondary objects like pelts and meat, gameplay programming, and of course, testing, before they can go in the game.

This, along with the week 44 creature report should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of variety and unique creatures that you can expect from Vizaris moving forward. We specifically try to stay away from real world creatures and the regular fantasy creatures to give both ourselves and you a fresh breath of air. Most of the creatures in the Qaris’da’te Caldera were hyper evolved from fish and other aquatic life, which is why they generally share a similar theme – but as time goes on and Vizaris branches out into more biomes, you can be assured that those areas will have their own creature themes and complete ecosystems.

These aren’t all of the planned creatures for Qaris’da’te either – there are still more creatures to come, with many being even more wild and alien than any of the creatures so far!


Vizaris is an open world, fantasy roleplaying game, with singleplayer and 6 player co-op multiplayer. Vizaris focuses on player choice and freedom. New updates at the start of every week!

You can play Vizaris right now by going to www.VizarisGame.com/play , Every dollar goes to supporting the development of the game, meaning more content at a faster rate. It's like our Kickstarter or Patreon, but you get instant access to the game! Free press access available! Questions, comments, help, and feedback welcome!


Amazing super high quality models! I don't think I will be able to see close-ups like this in-game. Thanks for the professional previews!
Great job on all the detail, texture, bump and lighting. These look game-ready

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str-Luke Author

You'll be able to see close ups once they're in game, once they're either trying to eat you, or once you've defeated them. Long term you'll also be able to tame them as pets (Though some you might not want to)

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Pets? No way!!! That is a nice feature. Thanks for the feedback

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