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Post news RSS Violent Sol Worlds - Progress Report 11/5/2016

Violent Sol Worlds progress report demonstrating our new physics engine and our new accuracy models. The game is coming together nicely, come check it out now.

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Our Main focus here was in two areas.

1) Make attributes for guns mean something to the gameplay. This means accuracy makes the gun fire more consistently toward your target. It also means that armor is now effecting the damage values things take.

2) Create a new physics engine that allows for great top-down experience and expand-ability of the game.

Here is the official list of what has been added recently...

  • Fixed minor bugs like usual
  • Made saving games a little better on the data side
  • Armor now helps creatures and the player
  • Fire rate dictates how many shots per second get fired from a gun
  • Guns have accuracy and that means you don't always fire perfectly
  • Tried new camera auto zooming and that really gave us a better understanding on the camera
  • Massive code reorganization that reduced the codes complexity allowing us to move quicker moving forward
  • Began work on a more complex saving system
  • Began the design of the economy that is incoming
  • started to play with how the car does damage to things
  • Created new physics engine and began the integration back into the game, things are reacting better now with no bounces
  • Added in the ability to strafe left and right although that is lacking proper animations at this time

Thanks for all your support, please come check us out over on Steam

Click here to watch our progress here on IndieDB

Sign up now[blog.violentsol.com] to be one of the people to test in our closed alpha!

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