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This video is part 4 in our series of all weapons all week, where each day a new powerful weapon -which be found in the game through exploration- is demonstrated.

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Hey guys welcome to Thursday part 4 of all weapons all week...tonight's video is up a little late and I apologize.

Tonight we get a brief glimpse of an early version of the space cluster bombs. These bombs when fired will release smaller torpedoes which will track towards the nearest enemy. They are a special weapon and powerful and hence consume capacitor power as well so they cannot be spammed without leaving your ship totally defenseless.

They, like the super bomb, make for a great get me out of here weapon! They can turn once terrible odds into a fighting chance.

Please leave your suggestions for weapons or tweaks to the ones we demonstrated, thanks!

baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Good graphics & sound effects! Nice to see performance remains same with lot of explosions.

The GUI needs to be changed from windows-style to something transparent like Wing Commander style, i think. Make to windows resembling to the automap in the top right corner maybe. Currently these windows take my mind out of the game universe, they look like an antivirus-app.

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Cruisin1500 Author
Cruisin1500 - - 140 comments

lol, ok thanks for the feedback. Just to be clear, you are suggesting then, to make them transparent. sorry I missed your comment! I thought inDiedb would notify me of comments, maybe it is something I have to turn on.

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