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ZX's next version, v8.0, is in development right now.

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Heya folks, Xterra here.

ZX's next update, v8.0, is in the works; as of right now it's pretty damned similar to 7.3, but there'll be more changes coming.

The first and biggest change to expect is that the camera-tilting system has been updated to the newer "Tilt++" system, from the older QTilt (both by Doom community member Nash Muhandes). This system can be toggled, and is very configurable. I've done a bit of *bleep*ery to ensure compatibility with GZDoom engines going all the way back to v3.6.

Secondly, if myself and a couple buddies can work out the scripting and implementation of the ruleset, I want to put in a gameplay mutator based on a "just for shiggles" game condition my college buddies and I played with involving a weapon randomizer.

Thus far, the only other changes I've made are a couple of sprite swaps. Outside of bugfixes, scripting, and new addons, I doubt there'll be all that much new stuff added to ZX from here on out. The mod's kinda already reached "content critical mass", so to speak-- given that it's over five years old and still being updated and maintained, that comes with the territory.

As for a release date? Well...if ModDB had a "When It's Done™" option, that's what I'd pick. Despite the version number (that's because the mod has its first use of ZScript, the new engine scripting language for GZDoom), it's not gonna be a massive update. I'll have it out when it's ready for prime time, though.

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout-out to those who've downloaded the mod already. I'm glad to know and be satisfied that people are playing my mod-- and I hope y'all are enjoying it.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line here or on Twitter if you've got feedback for me. I welcome it.


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