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Uber Naval is gone with much of it merged into Uber proper

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  • Uber builds Drifters in response to tanks
  • Silver through Platinum build Drifters as standard
  • Uber only builds basic radar as artillery support
  • Improved Uber's T2 naval decision making
  • Platinum and Uber can use vehicles ahead of bots on naval maps
  • Merged portions of Uber and Uber Naval
  • Avoid naval fabbers in ponds
  • Ensure Uber has a fall-back Peacekeeper build for islands and unit restrictions
  • Capped how aggressively Uber can scale up its air to try and keep pace
  • Removed Uber Naval
  • Uber now handles Legion bot scouting the same as Uber Bot
  • Uber is back to requiring heavy sub control before switching up its naval play
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