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A released focused on Uber with emphasis on greater AA usage

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  • Uber won't build Bluehawks in response to MLA T2 bots
  • Updated Polish translation with thanks to Craeox
  • Fixed Uber not properly growing its Advanced Fabrication Vehicle presence when alone
  • Uber Tank will use the Stryker more
  • Uber uses more Bluehawks if it hasn't seen advanced MLA bots
  • Fixed Uber Bot being incorrectly cautious
  • Uber tries harder again to maintain air parity with its target
  • Uber invests in more mobile ground anti-air
  • Uber builds Stingray for anti-air again
  • Uber responds more aggressively with Narwhals against air threats
  • Uber focuses less on Typhoons
  • Uber builds Leviathans and Krakens only when it feels it has the sub situation under control
  • Uber will build the Epoch purely for shore bombardment
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation with thanks to CmdrEdem
  • Uber won't build the Peacekeeper anymore
  • Uber Rush will use more bots as MLA
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