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Lots of bug fixes and a focus on tightening the orbital game

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  • Loosened restrictions on Silver building interplanetary weapons and defences
  • Bronze and Silver correctly handle spreading anti-nukes across a planet
  • Reduced Uber's paranoia about the possibility of nukes on other planets that it hasn't scouted
  • Silver has more freedom to build anti-orbital defences
  • Bronze through Platinum send orbital units in slightly larger groups than before
  • Silver through Platinum will keep their Commander closer to the main base
  • More willing to place defences if a Commander is in the area
  • Silver puts more effort into protecting planets they own from orbital attack
  • Silver avoids building base defences against non-existent threats
  • Less strict placement of anti-orbital defences when locking down a planet
  • Fabbers try to be more efficient in where they go to place anti-orbital defences when locking down planet
  • Fixed Silver not always using orbital fighters to attack orbital threats
  • Fixed Silver not moving Booms between planets
  • Fixed Gold MLA not using air scouts on multi-planet systems to check if it was alone on its planet
  • Gold only land scouts when it thinks a local enemy exists
  • Fixed Platinum building too many advanced air factories when alone
  • Uber more aggressive in using the Icarus to correct energy issues on multi-planet systems
  • Uber will build the Gustav as a defensive weapon where it has shields in its base
  • Uber uses more Panzers
  • Puts the Panzer in land armies not hover raids
  • Uber gets more aggressive about maintaining mine vision once it has confirmed mines are in play
  • Uber is more reliable at transitioning to orbital when alone
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