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Some additional changes around orbital and small tweaks to improve play

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  • Gold will rush an orbital launcher on multi-planet systems when it cannot expand and has no orbital
  • Platinum and Uber more reliable at rushing an orbital launcher on multi-planet systems when they cannot expand and have no orbital
  • Fixed error when Uber played as Legion where it might tech to T2 naval first when there were no enemies on the planet
  • Reintroduce behaviour for Uber that was incorrectly removed designed to handle multi-naval planet systems
  • Uber uses a lot more Monstrosities
  • Uber Legion puts more priority on getting its T2 fabbers out before producing T2 troops
  • Uber builds T2 air later
  • Uber FFA techs slightly later
  • Uber takes a proactive approach to orbital
  • All difficulties tech as soon as possible if alone on a planet
  • Uber will build orbital launchers on the water
  • Avoid building duplicate orbital launchers in shared armies
  • Resolved edge case where Uber wouldn't replace its lost orbital launcher
  • Silver and higher can no longer get trapped on asteroids
  • Commander tries to build around the main base where it's theoretically safer
  • Silver uses less air
  • Uber produces more Investigators and Skitters to spot mines
  • Uber uses slightly less Storms
  • Monstrosity and Spark moved into main bot squad
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