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A large focus has been given to squashing the bugs in Queller and improving its asteroid behaviour

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  • Bronze is slightly more proactive at orbital scouting
  • Unified how Bronze handles local orbital scouting for MLA and Legion
  • Don't try and force AI to orbital scout if it doesn't want to
  • Build Avengers and Vipers from orbital factories at all levels
  • Fixed Uber MLA potentially teching to T2 naval slightly later than it should
  • Bronze and Silver will ensure they have enough fabbers on a planet before building an advanced factory
  • Corrected error where Gold Legion wouldn't tech to T2 vehicles when it couldn't expand
  • Tidied up some redundancies and ordering inefficiencies in checks
  • Corrected Platinum not properly checking for routes from T2 bot factories
  • Corrected error where Platinum MLA wouldn't tech to T2 bots when it couldn't expand
  • Platinum Legion was incorrectly using old code for teching to T2 air and bots
  • Fixed all instances of placement and drain checks being performed against the wrong factory or unit
  • Fixed Gold and Platinum not always counting a naval factory build against their concurrent build limit
  • Removed limits imposed on Bronze and Silver for orbital scouting
  • Removed AA factory builds from Uber Legion to match MLA
  • Fixed Gold being unable to build the Astraeus
  • Fixed Iron Dome rush builds being broken for Casual, Bronze and Silver
  • Fixed Uber being unable to teleport its Commander when playing as Legion
  • Fixed Platinum not scouting with Investigators
  • Fixed Gold teching to T2 bots even when it couldn't afford it
  • Added specialised asteroid builds which focus on getting a Halley online
  • Fixed Silver Legion building a Walker Foundry without a land route
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Uber to fail to scale up its fabber presence when alone
  • Gold, Platinum and Uber are much faster at building their first orbital launcher if they're alone on a planet
  • Platinum and Uber build more scouts if they can't find an enemy on their planet
  • All levels more generous in determining valid bases for placement of ground anti-orbital
  • Unified Uber MLA and Legion approach to ground anti-orbital
  • Fixed error preventing Legion sometimes placing ground anti-orbital by superweapons
  • Uber and Platinum maintain more scouts when alone on a planet
  • MLA and Legion orbital launchers and factories are built near the fabber rather than the main base
  • Fixed errors preventing Uber Legion from expanding properly
  • Fixed all duplicate build condition names
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