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Introducing Cluster, a new faction to fight for or against

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  • Planetary Intelligence now shows the number of commanders in a shared army configuration
  • Threat levels now factor in the size of armies with multiple commanders
  • Tried to ensure armies always have the correct number of commanders even after multiple galaxy generations
  • Added a small variance to each enemy's eco
  • Added a new faction called Cluster which you can fight as or against
  • Added Bang Battle 3T V1 as temporary Cluster boss system with thanks to =VoW=BlackAngelLOL
  • Fixed new loadouts being dealt as treasure more often than base game loadouts
  • Fixed newly discovered loadouts requiring you to have an open slot in your inventory before they'd unlock
  • Prevented inventory overlapping the intelligence panel
  • Fixed Tougher Commanders not buffing boss commander weapons
  • Corrected Kohr system name
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