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A more stylized parallax map view. Featuring a better look and feel, lighted asteroids, galaxies and more. New video and images.

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Third times a charm. :)

Instead of trying to be accurate in distance and depth for the parallax map view I chose to go for a stylized look and feel. I darkened the bottom layer of asteroids, added two galaxy images using an additive blend (over a static background), added another planet image and quickened the the planet movement rate. Together, along with lighted asteroid map images I think this stylized map works well and is smooth and playable.

Below are two images of the map and a video showing a fly through. It runs very well on the PC and Android and I wish I had a demo for you all to try out. With much of the mapping code done I will be working on adding real-time lighting and shadows to the new map system which should really make this map pop.

So, check out the video and thanks for supporting Phoenix USC.

Video of version 3 of the parallax map.

parallax v3 5 21 16 8

parallax v3 5 21 16 5

Images of the version 3 parallax map.

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